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1993 Mazda MX-6 Review, Koray Yurd, From Annapolis, Md

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V6 Ls

 Model of the car:V6 Ls
 General comments:this is where luxury meets performance and handling meets gas mileage.
i bought this car all stock with 100000 miles on it and it was decent.
the car did not look like an aggressive import rather it looked somewhat of a midsize luxury sedan
after i bought it i installed new cv boots, hotshot cold air intake system, greddy catback exhaust, clear lights, erebuni shogun 5 piece body kit, erebuni shogun spoiler.
the car is all black and looks fast and furious.
i have street raced many civics and integras and from 1st gear on i had them on my rear view mirrorrrrrrrrrrr.
i raced many times but i can only remember a time that i got beat and that was to a 1996 lexus 400 series v8 with 300 hp.
anyone who looks to this car thinks its 1997 up but its 93, and i only bought it for 3500.
if you are in the market for an integra, 240sx, probe or something go with the mx6. Performance is great and aftermarket parts are endless.
You can also get the japanese klze motor which puts out 200 hp stock.
i had a trans am and a nonturbo rx7 before this car but this car outperforms both of them.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:i cant think of any weaknesses.
 Previous car:1991 mazda rx7 1988 pontiac trans am v8

Review 1993 Mazda MX-6 Koray Yurd, From Annapolis, Md
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