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1991 Mazda MX-6 Review, Fred, From Colorado

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Mazda MX-6

 Model of the car:Mazda MX-6
 General comments:We had family cars for years. But when my son's MX-6 came up for sale my wife insisted on buying it. Glad she did. The engine on this car is incredible. It is a peppy 4 cyl with a 5 sp manual. I can get up to 80 without even knowing it. It handles canyon curves with aplomb. Downshifts are rare. And it gets great gas mileage. On the road we get 34 MPG WITH the air conditioner. In the city it never goes below 22 MPG. With this car we found out that driving could be a joy. We're going to keep this car for a long time. Cruise control is a necessity with this vehicle. It really likes to run. Even though it's an older car, it's still stylish. Our car has not been repair free. My wife slid on ice last winter. We had to replace struts, control arm, A arm, and wheel bearing. But both struts and strut mounts were worn out so they also got replaced. After we got it back it wobbled. We took it in to our tire dealer, and the other control arm and ball joint were bad. So I had to pay for the repair, and another alignment. We also had to replace a head gasket, and replace 2 worn tires. We spend about 3,000 on repair costs this year. Half of that was paid by insurance. Knowing what I know now would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Repairs and maintenence on a car should run about 1200 a hear. The year before I only spent $300.00 These high costs this year will more than average out. It also feels like a new car. My wife drives this car anytime over our newer Subaru. It really does Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:This is not a car you want to take on dirt roads for any extensive time. It may need to be realigned afterwords. (although this happened before I had to replace most steering components)Front Struts should be replaced at 80,000 miles (it will help avoid some of the wear issues I had on the steering system).When changing timing belt also change cam and crankshaft seals. I didn't, and now they leak. Change timing belt religiously at 60,000 miles, and also replace the water pump at 120,000 when changing the belt to save a bundle on repair costs. Labor to change the timing belt is over $200.00. Seal repair $50.00 including labor if done at the same time, cost of water pump $75. Save some money and get this done together.
 Previous car:Subaru Legacy Sedan. Just as good on pavement, better on dirt roads, better shocks, higher repair costs, and gas mileage much lower. Nissan Maxima. More power of course, larger interior space, but with a similar ride. At a much higher price tag.

Review 1991 Mazda MX-6 Fred, From Colorado
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